Active Schools Week

Active Schools week began with the weather on our side with an active walk to school from the church. It was great to see so many children out ready to walk to school. Also well done to everyone who cycled to school. It is great to see everyone making the extra effort to be active.

Throughout the day on Tuesday , every class made sure to have active breaks during each lesson. As you can see from the pictures 5th and 6th class took on the wall sit challenge and the plank. Juniors enjoyed go noodle. Other classes ran a km to help add more places to our Run around Ireland challenge.
In the afternoon all classes took part in the Superstars activity.  Each group was led by a 6th class pupil to complete a variety of physical tasks such as score a basket, jump the hurdles, pull yourself along a bench. It was great to see the children encourage each other so much and work on each skill while being active.
Well done to everyone again for doing the active walk/ cycle to school on Wednesday. Each class had a great time using the walkway signs for orienteering. 6th and 5th with their buddies used the walkway signs to revise how to write and sound their letters.  First and Second used it to practice the alphabetical order  while being active. 3rd class used the walkway to revise their shapes. 4th, 5th and 6th used the walkway for an orienteering challenge to revise their flags and patterns. As you can clearly see everyone enjoyed the orienteering.  
On Thursday lots of children found an active way to get to school by cycling and walking.  Each class had lots of fun doing breaks and games throughout the day such as their daily runs, capture the flag. The highlight of the day for many was the stations organised by 5th and 6th class. There were 4 stations including the potato and spoon race, limbo and bean bag toss, fill the bucket with water and the obstacle course challenge. The children from each class had great fun being active and showed off some great fundamental movement skills of balance, jumping, hopping,  throwing and many more. 
On Friday, the children had a full day of physical activity. They practiced various skills and then played lots of games.  These games included rounders, benchball, parachute, hula hoops, yoga,  co-operative games, tag rugby, and soccer to name but a few activities.