1st and 2nd Class School Tour

First and second class had a great day out at West Cork Secret for their school tour at the beginning of May!. They started the tour off with some friendly competition by breaking up into 2 teams and playing cooperative games. This was a great way to set the tone for the day and help the class work together as a team.
After these team games they worked as a whole class in the next part of the tour having fun with some more games and the parachute!
Next up was a lovely and very muddy woodland walk for a spot of orienteering. The mud we saw here was nothing compared to the mud that was to come in the obstacle course!
Now that we were covered head to toe in mud there was only one thing for it, we needed to wash ourselves down on the waterslides.....
We really had a great day out and loved every bit of it! We really needed the delicious pizza that was served after all our adventures!