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Sixth Class sign off with last Ballinadee Buzz 2021 – Ballinadee National School

Sixth Class sign off with last Ballinadee Buzz 2021

Junior Infants
Junior infants have been learning about coins in maths. Juniors have been using different amounts of coins and they have also traced different types of coins. They have learned about Pinocchio and the important message in the story. Junior infants were exploring water proof materials in an experiment. Juniors have learned about some amazing Italian land marks and they have also looked at some of their delicious foods.

Senior infants/ 1st class
The two classes have been doing lot of exciting fun P.E such as parachute and many other games. They have been working really hard on figuring out how to solve colourful jigsaws. They have also been practicing table tennis.

2nd class
2nd class have been practising a lot for their communion. They have been working extremely hard and making art and butterflies for there have communion day. They have been doing animals in clay and decorated them using bright colourful paint. 2nd class have also been doing lots of extra P.E like parachute, bench ball and rounders.

3rd Class
3rd class have been busy learning and making circuits for the past few weeks. They were mesmorised when they finally got it to work. They have also been very lucky to draw and create the map of the school which will hopefully be used in the next few days for orienteering.

4th class
4th class have been busy doing art. They have been making 3-D hot air balloons. They have enjoyed learning about character strengths and resilience with the weaving wellbeing program. As well as making tie dye t-shirts of their strength.

5th class have had a busy few weeks. They have been learning all about debates and how to use correct language to respectfully disagree with each other. They learned tricks and tips to help us with public speaking. The motion was We should wear school uniforms. They also learned how to create small worlds in cereal boxes through Irish. They made characters in clay to populate their small worlds. They used stop motion animation for this and created great pieces.

6th class
We went on a school tour to Oysterhaven. We had a great time doing the obstacle courses. We slid down the water slide and got all our clothes soaking wet. We kayaked and went swimming after lunch. We got towed out to the moon walk and had a fantastic time.

In school we watched a zoom presentation on a technique of studying called sketch notes. They demonstrated how to do it on a piece of paper and we followed them. We listened to an interview on Rachel Blackmore, on her Grand National win and her humble beginnings. We learned the colours of the northern lights. They are caused by the sun sending out electrons that mix with atoms in earth’s atmosphere which causes them to glow.
We also learned about Tom Crean and his mighty adventures to explore Antarctica. We learned that he grew up with nine siblings and wasn’t very wealthy. When he was 15 there was a chance for his to join the royal navy so he took it but was to young he had to be 16 so he lied.

Stay Safe Programme
We have also been working on our Stay Safe programme throughout the school. Here are some poems and posters about bullying.

In BNS we have a very wide variety of vegetables such as radishes, lettuce, onions, pumpkins, potatoes etc. Well done to everybody involved for looking after our vegetable patch.

Congratulations to Maria Lawlor on winning the jersey competition with a wonderful jersey, that she created with a very cool design.

As this is the last Ballinadee Blog for the year we would like to thank 6th class for all their hard work on it. We would also like to wish everyone a happy and enjoyable Summer especially 6th class as they begin their next journey in secondary school! Thanks for a great eight years!

Wishing you all the best! We would also like to thank our principal Ms. Nestor for organising an ice cream van as a treat for all the pupils (and staff) in ballinadee N.S.

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