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Sixth Class Say Goodbye – Ballinadee National School

Miss Clynch, Thank you very much for all your help throughout the year. You’ve been fantastic teacher- with Sciath  na Scoil, the school play, HOMEWORK!, and with me and my class mates. You have helped us solve a lot of problems.

It is unfortunate that our time in Ballinadee has come to an end so quickly and that we couldn’t celebrate with each other or say goodbye, but there will probably be some celebrations when this is all over.

Also, we didn’t get to say goodbye to our buddies in juniors and seniors. We had such a good time together and unfortunately it had to come to such a sudden end but we know our buddies will understand.

I have made great friends, and I have had some great times. Some days were better than others but most days were great.

Thank you all its been a blast. It’s a pity we’re all separating but hopefully we will all keep in contact through activities.

Hopefully we will be able to meet up before we go to secondary school because we started together, made our holy Communion together made our confirmation together, won and lost matches together, argued with each other and made up.

Some of you, I will be going to secondary school with but I hope to keep contact with the rest of you.

Hey, Eight years of primary school, the best, funniest and epic primary school I have been to. I loved playing on the basketball court and have a huge soccer game with most of the other classes and running around the yard and playing up in the pitch and to train for Sciath Na Scoil. One of the best days of primary school was when we won the Sciath na scoil hurling final against Ballinora. I loved training for Cork City Sports every year.  Sixth class is one of the best years I had in  Ballinadee. I liked in Junior Infants too when we first got to know each other. Thank you all the teachers for teaching me new stuff and thank you Miss Clynch for helping us prepare for secondary. You are a wonderful teacher to us all. I wish you all the very best in Secondary School and look forward to seeing you all soon.

6th Class Poem

We started in Ballinadee 8 years ago, 

And that didn’t seem like that long ago,

All of the teachers have watched us grow, 

And now it’s almost our time to go.

We started practicing for Scaith na Scoil up on the grass,

Along with fourth and fifth class,

And then once a week if we did all our studies,

We could go and play with our junior infant buddies.

At Christmas time we had our play,

We practised by singing and dancing with Jenny all day,

The play turned out a success.

And I can safely say it was an amazing day.

It’s the end of May,

I’m sorry we couldn’t stay,

But come what may,

We’ll have another day.

Ballinadee 6th Class Poem.

Sixth class has come to an end, 

the full school year we did not get to attend,

covid-19 spread quickly from the east,

schools were shut down to save us from the beast,

School work at home started out to be fun,

but then became hard when out came the sun,

in the beginning it was very tough,

to stay away from our friends and stuff,

Even though our year was cut short,

we managed to play sports of some sort,

we had a good chance with Sciath na Scol,

but when we were sent home the chances were null,

As the lockdown went on our plans fell in vain,

there was not a hope we would be going Spain,

our months of hard work began to unravel,

because of lockdown we were not able to travel.

Ballindee National School

I started school in Junior Infants

And finished halfway through Sixth 

Even though I didnt finish school fully

I will still remember how amazing it was

Through the years life was changing

Some changes were for the better

Others not so much

But school always went on

This school holds many of memories

Some great and others not so much

But one thing this school guarantees

Is a fantastic eight years of your life

Ever since that first day we all walked into Ms Twomey’s classroom in junior infants, I knew that we were all going to be great friends and have an amazing time with each other. When I heard that I won’t be going back to 6th class or even Ballinadee NS I was shocked, annoyed and upset. Coronavirus really knows how to ruin things. I couldn’t imagine not being able to see my class again. We were all looking forward to Spain and how it would have been soooooooo much fun but unfortunatly that’s not going to happen. I had such an amazing time with ye making our way up the school and I will never forget it. I am really going to miss all of ye. I hope we can all meet up again for a while when we can. Bye bye.

6th Class

It’s time to say Goodbye,

My time in Ballinadee has come to an end,

I have some special memories, 

With all of my school friends.  

Our teachers have watched us grow,

And change from day to day,

Hoping all the things we have learned and done, 

Will help us on our way. 

So after Eight years of memories, 

We all go out the door,

With fear and some excitement too,

For what next year has in store.

6th Class

It’s time to say Goodbye,

My time in Ballinadee has come to an end,

I have some special memories, 

With all of my school friends.  

Our teachers have watched us grow,

And change from day to day,

Hoping all the things we have learned and done, 

Will help us on our way. 

So after Eight years of memories, 

We all go out the door,

With fear and some excitement too,

For what next year has in store.

Ballinadee Poem 6th Class 

I went into class and met everyone,   

Then went out for break to have some fun, 

 Going to school I’d met all my friends,  

And now I can’t believe that this is the end. 

Just before Christmas, we had Sciath na Scol, 

But Barryroe ended a semi-final run, 

We also took part in our school play, 

I don’t normally act, but it was okay, 

It sure was different with girls who were fellas,  

I played Rockafella in Cinderella!! 

We played one hurling game before the break, 

If I wrote anything good, it would be a mistake!! 

Now into the last verse where it gets all sad, 

But don’t get the tissues it’s not that bad. 

I enjoyed our journey, it was great fun, 

The years were long but I loved every one, 

I’ll miss ye all, I had a great time,  

From Eoin Maguire I’ll say Goodbye. 

Sixth class 2020 are the best and strongest sixth yet it is very unfortunate that the year was cut short and couldn’t get a proper goodbye to primary school. I have had a great 8 years in Ballinadee and I am excited to move on but I will miss all my friends, laughs and all the fun we had I will miss all the teachers as well, I had a great experience at Ballinadee and I will remember it forever .

The time has come,

To say goodbye,

I’ve had so much fun,

But please don’t cry,

It’s sure been a good one for everyone, 

From baking buns to having fun, 

Reading books and writing songs, 

Listening to Irish on and on, 

Friends and classmates ye are the best,

I couldn’t ask for better guests! 


Through the past eight years in Ballinadee. 

We learned and played together with glee.

From the first day I walked in the door,

 everyone was playing and singing galore.

We played hurling, football, table tennis, rugby,

learned Maths, English, Irish, History and Geography.

We are friends through good times and bad.

Happy times and sad.

But one day we will be gone, but all the memories will live on. 

That we will meet again as the years roll on

Thanks a million for making my last eight years amazing. It has sure been a rollercoaster. I am really disappointed that I am not going to be able to finish out sixth class because I’m sure it would have been a good one. I am soo glad that I had such an amazing class like ye, I couldn’t have asked for better. I’m sure we all had those days that didn’t go to plan but we all stuck by our peers and got through it. I would like to thank you Miss Clynch for being such an amazing, kind and caring teacher you have made my last year amazing and you have helped me through everything . Thank you for being an amazing teacher.

School Day

Yesterday I sat in school,

The sun was boiling,

I started to drool,

Lots of homework was spoiling my day!

Tomorrow is the big test,

So tonight I will have to rest,

But I have a request,

I would get rid of that test!

Teachers are there to teach,

Too bad we can’t do it at the beach,

This is my last year here, 

I won’t be back next year!

September 2019

Sixth class begins!

My final year in primary is coming to an end.

Autumn fairs we sold a lot,

Books, cakes, bbq, games,

Sunny days and lots of fun,

Lots of money we made a tonne.

Cinderella Rockafella took the stage!

Lots of colourful costumes,

I would not dare to wear,

I was a clock so I didn’t care.

Sliotars, footballs, flying in the air,

Wet weather, sunny weather, we didn’t care,

We were confident that we would,

beat our opponents anywhere!

I made lots of friends both girls and boys,

Plenty of racket and plenty of noise, 

The covid came and stopped it all,

And put us up against the wall.

No more school hip hip HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to thank you Ms Clynch for always being very kind, caring and fun and for supporting us with our online work during the coronavirus. This year was a very strange year, cutting our time in sixth class short. The year started off so fantastic. We had great fun with the sciath na Scol matches and the Christmas play, and everyone was looking forward to going to Spain. We all had so much fun together over the last 8 years as a class. I have made loads of great friends over the years and know that I am going to miss all of you but hopefully we can all keep in touch. I am very sad to be leaving you all without seeing each other one last time. I am looking forward to learning new things and meeting new people in Secondary school but I will always remember the good memories of Ballinadee School. Goodbye to all my classmates of 2020.

School Poem

It all started off when I was five,

When I walked in the door it all came alive.

I had lots of friends, the laughter never ends,

Sometimes we would play rounders in the pitch,

When we rolled in the grass, it made me itch.

In Juniors we played play dough and sand,

By second class we had to learn the clock hand.

We did dance with Jenny, she bought fun for many.

At break times when it rained outside

We would always play tricks and hide inside.

When we finished up for the year,

We would always love making sure our books, cubbies and desks were clear.

We would say goodbye to our friends before the year ends.

We much prefer the summer because it is a lot funner.

The Summer Fair puts happiness in the air.

Sixth class was an adventure, we didn’t say goodbye

And Corona Virus was the reason why.

We did our work from home

Without our friends we were alone.

Our teacher e-mailed us, so there was not a lot of fuss.

Poem about Sixth

It happened one day,

In March 2020,

When our teacher told us,

Our school will be empty.

Our joys and sorrows,

All made us aware,

Of how important sixth class is,

And the friends that we share.

Friendship is a gift,

That cannot be sold,

And is far greater,

Than anything made of gold.

Why things happen,

We do not know,

It’s off to

Secondary school I now go.

I have made lots of good friends in sixth class, lots of happy memories also. I have learned a lot of things about ye! And we all got on good. We had lots of good school tours, matches, concerts, school fairs. My best memory was winning both football and hurling Sciath Na Scoil finals! And celebrating after. I hope to remain friends with my class for ever and wish ye all the very best in Secondary school, another new chapter!

6th class poem

Being in 6th class

The oldest in the school

Looking after the younger ones

Makes you think that you are cool

Captaining the GAA team

Being the lead role in the play

Dancing with Jenny, gymnastics with Colm

Makes you proud every day

Going to Madrid 

With all your friends

Is a great experience 

That you never want to end

Leaving the school is going to be hard

Ballinadee NS teachers have taught you all the years

With fun and laughter, hardwork and concentration

We will miss you Ballinadee, Thank you for everything.

School Poem

Sixth class is coming to an end,

With secondary school right round the bend,

I have to say that this last year was a blast,

Having ye as my class.

You have taught me all I need know,

I’m sorry now I have to go,

You taught me English, you taught me maths,

You taught me how to deal with facts.

History and Geography,

Irish and Art,

I loved all these things 

From the bottom of my heart,

From football to camogie 

From rounders to catch

I love being part of 

Ms Clynch’s class

                       My Time in Ballinadee School

I had a lot fun in Ballinadee  

learning in the classroom with Miss Clynch, 

out playing hurling in the pitch,

losing a sliotor in the ditch.  

Going to the office to print some pages,

going back to the classroom learning simple stages.
Lunch is over the bell is ringing , 

people are peeking around the corner to see if the teacher is coming 

Running to our seats,

Waiting for lesson to start.

Everyone is rushing to get out at three 

I’m still in the classroom fixing my fleece. 

I finally got out running down the hill 

to hop into the car with my mom.

At home doing my homework 

I found this question really hard 

but I finally got it right and got a star 

off to bed, sleep, waking,

back to Ballinadee I go.

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