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Ballinadee Buzz May 2021 – Ballinadee National School

Ballinadee Buzz May 2021

Junior Infants
Juniors did sport, magnets and went to the café in aistear. They read about making pancakes. They learned all about the capacity of containers. Juniors learned what things they’d find in the church and they’re learning about an teilifís as gaeilge. Have a look at how the cocoons or chrysalis in juniors are coming along! Isn’t it just incredible??

Seniors and First Class

Seniors and first planted sunflower seeds. They talked about what things they need to help them to grow And they talked about the different ways to save water.

Second Class

Second class have learning about water and why it is so important. They have also been learning about floods and droughts. They designed and made sailboats using recyclable materials. In Irish they are learning about ag siopadóireacht and in maths they are learning about money-counting coins and giving change .

Do you remember the eggs waiting to hatch in the incubator? We’ll look who arrived!!

Third class

This week third class have been colouring jerseys for the Courcey Rovers design a jersey competition. They have been making a model of Ireland using papier Maché, they have been showing land marks cities and rivers. They have also been learning about Pharoahs such as Tutan kamun. The third class took part in the cork county council video rode safety call

Fourth Class

Fourth class created colourful t-shirts with bright tie dye colours. They also wrote their many fortés and talents on the t-shirts. In history they worked hard on WW2 (World War II) and they worked extra hard on Anne Frank. In art they also looked at Picasso. They worked on incredible abstract art this past two weeks.

Fifth Class

Fifth class are growing beautiful tall sunflowers they are also practice yoga first thing every morning which is great for the mind and your mental health and to help you relax . They also are learning about the digestive system and they learned how the body works inside of us.

Sixth Class

We have been very busy this week. We have booked our school tour to Oysterhaven on June 3rd. We are very enthusiastic to be going as we are coming towards the end of a global pandemic. This week we have been doing pie charts in maths. Every pupil asked everyone else in the class a question and turned the concluding results into data on a pie chart. In English we have been writing and reading about persuasive writing. Mrs Nestor, our principal, will be obtaining persuasive arguments from our class. We have been exhibiting our projects based on countries from the E.U. (European Union).

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