6th Class Sign In part 2

The Lowdown on Lockdown


“Bia Blasta”
Tá gach duine ag cócaireacht sa bhaile faoi láthair. Bhí comórtas cócaireachta againn i rang a sé i rith na seachtaine. Léigh an sliocht agus éist leis an scéal…


We definitely have more sweet teeth in sixth class in comparison to savoury teeth. However, we can agree on one thing, we have some very talented chefs in the class and some very willing food tasters in our younger brothers and sisters. Some parents are even complaining that because the treats are so tasty, they are eating too many of them. Who knows? We may have a future Jamie Oliver or Rachel Allen amongst us. Aimee and Lily challenge you to try their recipes and attempt to recreate their cheesecake or curry. Take a look at our delicious dishes, all deserving of a Paul Hollywood handshake…


A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. It is important to get some sort physical activity in to your daily routine and sixth class have been doing just that! They have been enjoying the good weather outside with their brothers and sisters. They have walked dogs, climbed trees, built dens in the garden and decorated pavements. They boys and girls in sixth are using this time to practise their gymnastic skills, cycle their bikes and play table tennis together.



“I will arise and go now and go to Innisfree” (The Lake Isle of Innisfree W.B Yeats). If you could awake tomorrow and restrictions were lifted where would you go? Many of us in sixth crave the coastline and would love to take a plunge at the seaside. This week in geography we looked at Ireland’s coastline; it’s bays, headlands and islands. Some of us had visited the places we were studying and some of us have vowed to take a trip to the coast when the restrictions are lifted.


Building work continues as sixth aim to design a new school. Take a look at our sketches, drawings and construction work so far. Rumour has it restrictions will be lifted on building sites next week so we will be back in action with all hands on deck “Ní neart go cur le chéile”

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