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June 2020 – Ballinadee National School

Archive for Month: June

Good Luck to 6th Class 2020

Reeling in the Years A Message from Mrs Kingston Go dté sibh slán, May you always stay true to yourselves, May God bless you and hold you safe, May your futures be bright, Wishing you all that you deserve, Good luck and farewell to our 2020 6thclass Mrs. Kingston

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Sixth Class Say Goodbye

Miss Clynch, Thank you very much for all your help throughout the year. You’ve been fantastic teacher- with Sciath na Scoil, the school play, HOMEWORK!, and with me and my class mates. You have helped us solve a lot of problems. It is unfortunate that our time in Ballinadee...

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So Long Second Class

As we approach the end of the school year our thoughts have been turning to summer and to things that make us happy. Second class children wrote summer acrostics that were full of things to look forward to and enjoy.  They also wrote about three things that make them happy-family,...

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4th and 5th Class Flying It part 4

Creativity and inventions are abound in 4th and 5th class. Here are some of the STEM challenges we have been set. Also some of us have finished our buildings STEAM projects. Im sure you will agree that there are some future architects in 4th and 5th😊

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2nd Class Seesaw part 7

In Social and Environmental Studies this week 2nd class have been learning about different types of habitats. We focused especially on the fox. Children read a short , but interesting book ’All About Foxes’ and completed an activity on ‘Seesaw’ summarised their findings on what they learned. Children have...

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Sixth Class Sign In part 4

Sixth class have been enjoying the sunshine over the last few days. They have been out and about admiring nature and helping out with jobs at home. They are also enjoying sports and creating some amazing artwork!

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2nd Class Seesaw part 6

In maths this week 2nd class have been actively measuring at home. They have become adept at measuring a metre, a half metre and centimetres. One child even used their metre cord to help measure while planting in the garden. Hands on, practical maths! Second have also been busy exploring...

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1st Class

Here are some of the fun things 1st Class have been getting upto. We did The Great Outdoors, Habitats and some have started their lego competition.

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